This site is the personal gallery of Gabriel and Niki.

As photography is a hobby that we both enjoy immensely, we thought that we would share some pictures of note with you that are dear to our hearts for one reason or another.

While the pictures displayed here might not be National Geographic material, they each depict a moment with a mood and feeling that we wish to recall and cherish for the years to come.

Hope you can find your own favorites among them too!

With best regards and love,
Gabriel and Niki


Background Photo by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash
Wall texture by Augustine Wong on Unsplash
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Picture frame based on Pure CSS picture frame by Chris Smith

Thirsty little moorhen

Rabbits, resting

Busy day on Shad Thames

Tit in hiding

Hopetown Graffiti

Angel on the windowsill

Beguinage in Leuven

Furry and somewhat friendly

Pigeon in a hole it adores

Beetle on a needle

Sedge rendered by the sunset

A cob and a pen, waddling gracefully

Riding on vapor

Panther, confused

RIP, My Arteries

Colors of early morning from high above
Thirsty little moorhen